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PIP (Personal Injury Protection)

Personal Injury Protection Services

Our personal injury protection services, or PIP, help medical and health providers stay focused on client care. We step in and handle the entire PIP collection process when insurance companies refuse or lowball your bills. Based in Hollywood, FL, we help providers throughout the state of Florida recover medical bills.

Florida statute 627.736 outlines the state’s laws surrounding no-fault insurance and related issues. This law sets the five-year statute of limitations that these cases are subject to. Insurance companies so often exploit these situations because of how much they value their bottom dollar over providing quality coverage to people and properly reimbursing medical and health providers. Many medical and health providers fail, whether intentionally or not, to contest insurance companies whenever they are on the receiving end of this theft.

Our team of personal injury protection lawyers ensures that does not happen to you.

Managing The PIP Collection Process For You

Our personal injury protection lawyers first send a demand letter to the insurance company. Our intention in doing this is to clearly communicate that we will escalate the case further if they fail to make payment immediately. If they do not comply, we then escalate. How do we do this?

We bring lawsuits against insurance companies guilty of this criminality. We file these lawsuits as a breach of contract. The legal grounds for this come from Florida statute 627.736 (4b). In it, the state declares that insurance companies have 30 days to pay what you charge them. Failure to do such is legally considered a breach of contract. From this point, the insurance company actually begins incurring interest against the outstanding payment as well.

We escalate the case further if they still fail to pay and represent you in court if needed.

As is so often the case with insurance companies, they will not likely take you seriously if you deal with them on your own. Sending a demand letter in your name will not go very far since they do not respect your ability to effectively exercise power against them in the legal system.

Insurance Companies’ Reasons For Refusing Payment

Florida requires patients to treat injuries within 14 days of the accident that caused it. Insurance companies often claim to have been unaware of patient treatment circumstances.

Insurance companies also deny payment for claims that do not have an emergency medical condition and exceed $2,500, a common benefit cap.

In addition, insurance companies frequently claim material misrepresentation as grounds for denying payment for cases. This entails a supposed failure of the policyholder to disclose all relevant members when applying for the policy. This affects the policy’s premium and thus gives insurance companies supposed justification for their denial to make payment.

Partner With Us To Focus On Patient Care And Recover All Outstanding Payment

Partnering with Levin Litigation, PLLC.‘s personal injury protection lawyers is how to best ensure you recover medical bills. We have a track record of beating insurance companies and winning reimbursement for our doctor, chiropractor, and other medical and health provider clients over our years of combined experience.

Contact us today to see how we can serve you and your practice in your personal injury protection case. A personal injury protection lawyer will listen to your case during your free consultation and craft a strategy for your specific situation.


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