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The Truth About Dealing With Insurance Companies

When an insurance company is facing a claim or settlement, it will use everything it can to reduce the amount the company will pay. It will go as far as using anything that a person has experienced in their past to prove that they are not entitled to compensation. This includes the following:

  • Life experience: if a person has been a victim of domestic violence, an insurance company may use that to limit the settlement amount. Similarly, if a person has suffered from mental issues such as PTSD or depression in the past, the insurance company may use that against them.
  • Previous claims: if a person has made previous claims, the insurance company will use that information to limit the amount they pay for the current claim.
  • Medical records: the insurance company will review a person’s medical records to find information that can be used to limit the settlement amount.
  • Social media activity: in some jurisdictions, a person’s social media activity is discoverable in court. Insurance companies will use this information to limit the settlement amount.

It is crucial to protect the claimant from being bullied and harassed by insurance companies. This is one of the roles of a personal injury attorney – to help protect a person’s privacy and assist them in getting the compensation they deserve.

How Your Attorney Will Help

If you have suffered an injury and are seeking compensation, an experienced personal injury attorney can help you. Here’s what we do for our clients:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in the case:

We review the case and identify its strengths and weaknesses. We also gather basic information, such as who caused the injuries, whether there is insurance available, and whether the defendant has assets that we can recover for our client.

  • Investigate all potential avenues of compensation:

We identify the parties or individuals who caused the accident and investigate all potential avenues of compensation, whether the liable party has assets or insurance.

  • Handle communication with insurance companies:

We handle all communications with the at-fault party’s insurance company or defense teams. This helps protect our clients’ privacy and allows them to maintain some semblance of a regular life, without having their phones ringing off the hook every five seconds by different insurance carriers and adjusters.

  • Help avoid mistakes that can damage the case:

We help our clients avoid mistakes that can damage their case, such as giving up too much information or answering the wrong question. We see mistakes like that in recorded phone calls all the time. People don’t understand what the insurance carrier said or the adjuster asked, and they answer the wrong question, which can end up being used against them later on.

  • Preserve valuable evidence:

We preserve valuable evidence that’s necessary to prove the case, should it ever have to be litigated or go to trial.

With the guidance of a skilled attorney for Personal Injury Law, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that we’ll make it look easy. For more information on Personal Injury Law in the Florida Panhandle, a free initial consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling (954) 799-9469 today.


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