How long will my case take, and will it require going to court?

The duration of a case generally varies based on specific circumstances. One key factor we consider when estimating how long a case might take is the severity of your injuries. The timeline of your case is closely linked to the progress of your physical recovery. For instance, if you require surgery or ongoing physical therapy, these factors will influence both the duration of your case and the potential compensation you might receive. Each case is different, and some may extend longer, particularly if a trial becomes necessary.

After your doctor has provided a final post-treatment evaluation, we will send a demand letter to the insurance company to start the settlement negotiation process. If a fair settlement is reached with the at-fault party, going to court might not be necessary. However, if the offer falls short of what you deserve, we are prepared to take your case to trial. Pursuing justice in your case can be challenging, but our team is equipped and ready to face these challenges head-on.

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