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If Your Theft Or Vandalism Claim Was Denied Or Underpaid, Levin Litigation, PLLC Can Help!

Having your property vandalized or stolen can be completely disheartening and frightening as well. If you’ve been the victim of such theft or vandalism, you may be entitled to coverage from your insurance company. Unfortunately, insurance companies try to pay as little as possible of anything at all. However, depending on your insurance policy, the theft or vandalism you experienced may be covered. In such a case, if the insurance improperly denied or underpaid your claim, Levin Litigation, PLLC can help.
Theft Vandalism

If You Discover You’ve Been The Victim Of A Theft Or Vandalism, Do The Following Right Away:

  • Call the police and file a police report
  • Make a detailed list of everything stolen or vandalized
  • Inform your insurance company regarding the incident
  • Gather all “proofs of purchase” such as receipts or other documentation
  • Take photos of the damaged property or crime scene
  • Do not tamper with the evidence.
  • Do not clean up the area as you may be damaging vital evidence

What To Do Next

If you’ve been the victim of a theft or vandalism, reach out to us today. Our theft and vandalism claims lawyers understand your unique situation and we are here to fight for your rights and make sure you’re not alone in your fight against the insurance company. Rest assured that our Florida theft and vandalism claim attorneys care about you and your case and will fight tirelessly and aggressively on your behalf.


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