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Has a personal injury left you struggling physically or fiscally? Regain your physical and financial health after an injury with the attorneys at Levin Litigation, PLLC!

After incurring a personal injury, you may be feeling worried about your finances, family, or job situation — in addition to being physically injured. Serious injuries can cause stress in every area of your life, especially if they have left you unable to work and unable to pay mounting medical bills.

When the circumstances of a personal injury seem dire and disastrous, it’s essential to seek professional assistance from a capable personal injury lawyer. At Levin Litigation, PLLC, we are here to provide you with hope, financial recovery, and legal guidance after a personal injury.

Our firm focuses on personal injuries so that we can have updated knowledge and extensive experience that is specifically relevant to your case. With more than 70 years of collective legal experience and a passion for helping our clients regain their lives after an injury, the attorneys at Levin Litigation, PLLC have what it takes to bring you the results you need.

What Types Of Personal Injury Cases Can Levin Litigation, PLLC Help With?

A personal injury case could be any injury you sustain that was caused by someone else’s actions, neglect, or lack of care. Our firm can take on many different types of personal injury cases in Hollywood, FL, from motor vehicle accidents to slip and falls, and beyond. Some common personal injuries that you should seek legal help for include:

  • Broken bones or fractures
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Burns
  • Back, neck, or spinal cord injuries
  • Limb amputations
  • And more…

If you need a motor vehicle accident attorney or other legal representation after an injury, reach out to Levin Litigation, PLLC today. We can help you determine whether you have sufficient reason to file a personal injury claim, and help you understand what your case could be worth.

What Is The Role Of Levin Litigation, PLLC In My Personal Injury Case?

As your personal injury compensation lawyers, our objective is to successfully settle your case with a fair payment amount while providing you with competent and helpful legal guidance along the way. We understand that dealing with a personal injury is stressful, and we aim to relieve as much of your burden as we can so you can focus on healing. At Levin Litigation, PLLC, we recognize the hassle of dealing with insurance companies, who often refuse to pay or attempt to give you much less than your case is worth. We can assist you with filing a claim, negotiating with the insurance company, collecting evidence in your favor, and more. If it becomes necessary to go to trial, our personal injury settlement attorneys are ready and able to provide skilled representation in the courtroom.

When Should I Contact An Attorney For My Personal Injury In Hollywood, FL?

No matter what type of case you are dealing with, the answer to the question of when you should contact an attorney is almost always immediately. Although in some instances you may be unable to call an attorney right after an injury, it is important to reach out to us as early as you can. As soon as we understand your case, we can begin the work involved in a personal injury claim, some of which is time-sensitive. For example, if you had a fall while you were leaving a store or restaurant, that establishment probably has video surveillance cameras that recorded the moment of your fall. This can provide important proof of the person, event, or circumstances that caused your injuries. However, many recordings are wiped clean after a certain time period, often after 24 or 48 hours. In addition, if there were people nearby who witnessed your fall and subsequent injuries, it is best to speak with them right away while the event is still fresh in their minds. When we are able to start working on your case immediately, it is easier to track down the evidence we may need to prove the cause of your injuries.

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