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Have you recently incurred injuries and a mountain of expenses due to slipping and falling? Continue reading to see how Levin Litigation, PLLC. can help you get your footing back.

In so many ways, life is totally unpredictable. This cuts both ways. When it cuts for the worse, you need good people around you to help you get through.

A slip and fall is a perfect example – you could be simply walking at the grocery store, and your young child squirmed out of your grasp, only to run away. They can’t read to know that the floor is wet because it has just been mopped. Still not the best walker because of the age, coming in contact with wet tile, marble, or polished concrete spells disaster. Within a matter of seconds, your child, who you were doing your best to maintain control over in the store, has not only escaped your grasp but also potentially seriously injured themselves because they’ve slipped and fallen.

What do you do in this situation? Where do you turn? Turn to someone you can trust, someone with the knowledge and experience to get you through a potentially life-changing episode.

Levin Litigation, PLLC is based in Hollywood, FL and has decades of combined experience to draw on. We understand the law, how it applies to your situation, and most importantly, how to show that your side of the story is the one that the law is intended to protect. Over the years, we have handled countless slip and fall injury claims, several like the situation described just now, and many more.

What Exactly Are Slips And Falls In The Context Of The Law?

Slips and falls are a subset of premise liability law. These laws govern how property owners are to maintain their property so that situations such as your young child seriously hurting themselves at the grocery store don’t happen or that when they do, liability is clearly defined and can be adjudicated effectively. Having a skilled and trustworthy slip and fall accident attorney in your corner expedites this all the more.

In essence, premise liability laws hold property owners to a certain standard of care for their property so as to reduce safety risks for those who patronize the property. As your slip and fall injury compensation lawyers, we dig into all the evidence to establish negligence, leading to a strong case and ideal outcome. We show the property owner had a duty and failed to uphold it by properly maintaining the property, which caused your injury.

How Can A Levin Litigation, PLLC Slip And Fall Liability Lawyer Help Me?

Recognizing each and every slip and fall incident is unique, we treat your case with the utmost personalized service. We serve you regardless of the specific circumstances of your case, whether:

Inadequate Warning

These incidents occur because you were not properly warned of potential dangers or hazards in a timely manner. We overwhelmingly prove the other party’s fault as we aim to deliver the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Weather-Related Incidents

These cases can be complex, but with our slip and fall lawyer team’s knowledge of the law and experience to draw on, they are simplified for you quite a bit. Property owners can be found liable even in instances that might not seem obvious to someone with limited to no exposure to the law. Whether rain or snow, the property owner in your case will wish they had done what was necessary after they deal with us and avoid the case entirely.

Third-Party Liability

Like so many other things, once the law and attorneys come into the mix, things seem so much more complicated than they might at first glance. This is especially true here. It might not be obvious, but seemingly unrelated third parties may even be liable in your case. We do all the due diligence to find out if this is so and establish the rationale that serves as the foundation we’ll use when engaging with the other side.

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