Protecting Rights Of An Employee In Florida

Legislation Protecting The Rights Of Employees In Florida Title VII, The Age Discrimination And Employment Act, And The Americans With Disabilities Act Whether against discrimination or retaliation, each of these laws protects the rights of employees In Florida in various ways. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act protects individuals from wrongful discrimination based on […]

Hiring A Labor And Employment Attorney In Florida

When You Should Hire A Labor & Employment Attorney In Florida… And How To Do It What Should I Be Looking For When Hiring A Labor & Employment Law Attorney? Look for an attorney who can give you a thorough analysis of your legal issues and your options. Usually, that requires the attorney have a […]

Potential Remedies To Employment Law Issues In Florida

The Different Types Of Employment Law Damages & Recovery In Florida In this article, you can discover: The potential damages that can be recovered in an employment-related claim. How damages are calculated. When recovery of legal fees might be beneficial. What Types Of Recovery Are Possible In Employment Law? In employment law, the main two […]

Eeoc Involvement In Labor And Employment Law Cases

When The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Gets Involved In Employment Claims & What To Expect Next In this article, you can discover… – The next steps in the legal process after the EEOC is notified.– How employees are protected from employer retaliation.– When and how an employer is prompted to respond to a report or […]

Internal Complaint Procedure And Trusting Human Resources

Internal Complaint Procedure And Trusting Human Resources Many employers have internal complaint procedures in Florida for reporting discriminatory conduct. Employees must follow these procedures in order to ensure the highest chance of success in their case. Compliance with internal complaint procedures is often required to hold the employer responsible. Failure to do so may make […]

Disputes Between Employees & Employers

Common Types Of Employer-Employee Disputes Wrongful discrimination is generally when an employee is mistreated by their employer based on specific personal characteristics such as race, gender, national origin, or sexual orientation. This is perhaps the most common type of dispute in the workplace. Fortunately, both state and federal laws provide protections against such discrimination. One […]

The Statute Of Limitations When You Can File A Claim Against An Employer

In this article, you can discover… The statute of limitations for employment-related claims. What to do when you are violated in the workplace. How to manage internal reporting and human resources.   What Is The Statute Of Limitations On Filing A Claim Against An Employer? Each statute has a different statute of limitations. Under several […]

An Introduction To Our Labor & Employment Law Firm In Florida

An Introduction To Our Labor & Employment Law Firm In Florida In this article, you can discover… Information about a trusted firm in Florida. Which federal and state laws protect employees. How employment legislation safeguards individuals. Attorney Travis Lampert of Levin Litigation has been a licensed practitioner in Florida for almost 10 years. Lampert focuses […]

Understanding The Role Of Your Lawyer

In our experience, having a lawyer involved tends to make the insurance company evaluate the case or claim differently than if the victim was self-representing. When a victim does not have an attorney, they may settle for whatever the insurance company offers. Insurance companies aim to minimize their losses and mitigate the damages for their […]

How Cases Are Resolved: Settlements & Litigation

How Cases Are Resolved: Settlements & Litigation Determining a fair settlement amount for a personal injury case is not straightforward. Every case is unique, and various factors affect the settlement amount. Factors such as the type of treatment the person requires, the length of time they need the treatment, and the impact of the injury […]

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