Internal Complaint Procedure And Trusting Human Resources

Internal Complaint Procedure And Trusting Human Resources

Many employers have internal complaint procedures in Florida for reporting discriminatory conduct. Employees must follow these procedures in order to ensure the highest chance of success in their case. Compliance with internal complaint procedures is often required to hold the employer responsible. Failure to do so may make it difficult to hold the employer accountable for discrimination, if possible at all, unless the issue involves someone high up in the company.

Trusting human resources is subject to many circumstances and is advisable only in case-by-case situations. More important is to document any instances of discrimination or retaliation on your own, follow company procedures, and report any incidents accordingly. Ultimately, whether or not the human resources representative honestly carries out their duties is less critical than having thorough documentation and evidence to present later if needed.

Taking The High Road – Giving Employers A Chance To Do Right Without Escalation

Determining whether to allow an employer the opportunity to resolve an issue before escalating things and involving a lawyer depends on the specific circumstances. This includes factors such as the severity and duration of the conduct and how fair the employer’s offer is. While resolving a case promptly is generally preferable, it can be challenging to understand if an offer is reasonable without a solid knowledge of the law. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make, but including an employment lawyer at the outset of the internal complaint procedure can help determine the value of your claim sooner than later.

Considerations To Make When Deciding How To Move Forward With An Employment Law Dispute

When deciding how to move forward with an employment law dispute, it is crucial to consider whether you genuinely want to pursue the claim to the fullest extent of the law. This involves filing an administrative charge and potentially a lawsuit, which can involve significant commitments of time and effort. It will require discovery, providing documents, sitting for depositions, and potentially going to trial. Carefully weigh these factors and confirm your commitment to the claim before moving forward.

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